Omega MMV700S Slow Juicer Mega Mouth

Omega MMV700S Slow Juicer Mega Mouth

Omega MMV700S Slow Juicer Mega Mouth

Introducing the Omega MMV700S Slow Juicer Mega Mouth, the ultimate juicing companion for health enthusiasts. This powerful masticating juicer is designed to provide you with the freshest and most nutritious juice possible, while also being quieter than high-speed juicers.

Item Description

The Omega MMV700S features an Extra-Large 3 (7.6cm) feed chute, allowing you to juice whole fruits and vegetables without the need for cutting and prepping. Say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to convenience. Whether it’s apples, oranges, cucumbers, kiwi, tomatoes, pears, or any other produce, this juicer can handle it all.

One of the standout features of this juicer is the juice spout tap, which minimizes accidental dripping and spillage. No more messy countertops or wasted juice. Enjoy a hassle-free juicing experience every time.

Rest assured that the Omega MMV700S is made with BPA-free parts, ensuring that your juice remains pure and free from harmful chemicals. The package includes a Fine Juicing Screen, a Blank Screen, a Cleaning Tool, and two Brushes, making cleaning and maintenance a breeze.


  • Brand: Omega
  • Color: Black & Silver
  • Energy consumption: 220V/50Hz
  • Package weight in KGs: 12
  • Material: Plastic
  • Model Number: MMV700S
  • Type: Masticating
  • Capacity: Low Speed 60 RPM

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I juice leafy greens with the Omega MMV700S?

Yes, the Omega MMV700S is designed to effectively juice leafy greens, ensuring that you get the maximum nutritional benefits from your greens.

2. Is the Omega MMV700S easy to clean?

Absolutely! The Omega MMV700S comes with a cleaning tool and two brushes, making the cleaning process quick and hassle-free.

3. Can I juice citrus fruits with the Omega MMV700S?

Yes, the Omega MMV700S can easily juice citrus fruits, allowing you to enjoy refreshing orange, grapefruit, and lemon juices.


Experience the power and convenience of the Omega MMV700S Slow Juicer Mega Mouth. Say goodbye to time-consuming cutting and prepping, and hello to fresh and nutritious juice in a matter of minutes. With its extra-large feed chute, quiet operation, and easy cleaning, this juicer is a must-have for any health-conscious individual. Get yours today and start your juicing journey!