Motive Gear 620200R Axle Shaft for Dana 44 Style

Motive Gear 620200R Axle Shaft for Dana 44 Style


The Motive Gear 620200R Axle Shaft is a high-quality and durable axle shaft assembly designed for the Dana 44 Style axle. With an overall length of 9.72 inches, this axle shaft assembly is perfect for front outer applications. Whether you are driving on or off-road, Motive Gear Performance and Motive Gear offer some of the toughest drive train components on the market today.


– Axle Shaft Assembly
– Made from 4340 Chromoly for strength and durability
– Heat treated for added toughness
– Designed for Dana 44/Dana 44 Reverse axles
– Front right outer position
– Lug pattern: NULL
– Axle spline: 19

Quality and Durability

Motive Gear Replacement Axle Shafts are made from high-quality materials and undergo a stringent quality assurance process. The use of 4340 Chromoly ensures that these axle shafts can withstand the toughest conditions, whether you are racing or off-roading. Additionally, the heat treatment process further enhances the strength and durability of these axle shafts, making them reliable and long-lasting.

Engineered for Performance

Motive Gear has years of racing development experience, which is reflected in the outstanding design and performance of their products. These axle shafts are engineered to handle the forces of a 10,000 hp dragster or propel an off-road racer 30 feet into the air. With Motive Gear axle shafts, you can trust that your vehicle’s performance will be optimized.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What vehicles are compatible with the Motive Gear 620200R Axle Shaft?

The Motive Gear 620200R Axle Shaft is designed for Dana 44 Style axles. It is important to check the compatibility of your vehicle before purchasing.

2. How long does shipping take?

Motive Gear has four warehouses strategically located across North America, ensuring that most orders arrive within 2-4 days.

3. Are Motive Gear Performance ring and pinions included?

No, the Motive Gear 620200R Axle Shaft is sold separately and does not include ring and pinions.


When it comes to drive train components, Motive Gear is a trusted brand that delivers exceptional quality and performance. The Motive Gear 620200R Axle Shaft is a testament to their commitment to excellence. With its durable construction, precise engineering, and reliable performance, this axle shaft assembly is a great choice for any vehicle with a Dana 44 Style axle. Upgrade your vehicle’s performance and durability with Motive Gear.