Louise Altson: A Gifted Artist Who Captured the Person Not Just the Image

Louise Altson: A Gifted Artist Who Captured the Person, Not Just the Image

Louise Altson: A Gifted Artist Who Captured the Person, Not Just the Image

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton

The Art of Capturing the Essence

When it comes to portraiture, many artists focus solely on capturing the physical likeness of their subjects. However, there are a few exceptional artists who go beyond the surface and manage to capture the true essence of a person. Louise Altson is one such artist.

A Unique Approach

What sets Louise Altson apart from other artists is her ability to see beyond the external features and delve into the soul of her subjects. She believes that a portrait should not only depict the physical appearance but also reflect the emotions, personality, and experiences of the individual.

Altson’s unique approach involves spending time with her subjects, getting to know them on a personal level, and understanding their stories. This deep connection allows her to create portraits that are not just accurate representations but also powerful reflections of the person’s inner self.

The Process

Altson begins her artistic process by conducting in-depth interviews with her subjects. She asks probing questions about their life journey, their passions, and their dreams. Through these conversations, she gains insights into their unique qualities and the emotions they wish to convey through the portrait.

Once she has gathered all the necessary information, Altson meticulously plans the composition, lighting, and color palette for each portrait. She carefully selects the elements that will best capture the essence of the person and bring their story to life on the canvas.

Examples of Her Work

Altson’s portfolio is a testament to her exceptional talent. Each portrait tells a story, evoking a range of emotions in the viewer. From the wrinkled hands of an elderly man, revealing a lifetime of wisdom, to the vibrant eyes of a young child, brimming with innocence and curiosity, Altson’s ability to capture the essence of her subjects is truly awe-inspiring.

One of her most renowned works is a portrait of an elderly woman titled “Graceful Resilience.” The painting depicts the woman’s weathered face, etched with lines that tell tales of hardship and resilience. The viewer can almost feel the strength and determination emanating from the canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How long does it take for Louise Altson to complete a portrait?
  2. Each portrait is a labor of love and typically takes several weeks to complete. Altson believes in dedicating ample time to truly capture the essence of her subjects.

  3. Does Louise Altson only paint portraits?
  4. While portraiture is her primary focus, Altson also explores other genres of art, including landscapes and still life. However, her true passion lies in capturing the human spirit through her portraits.

  5. Can I commission a portrait by Louise Altson?
  6. Absolutely! Altson welcomes commissions and enjoys the opportunity to connect with new subjects. If you are interested in having your portrait painted by her, you can reach out to her through her website.


Louise Altson is not just an artist; she is a storyteller. Through her exceptional talent and unique approach, she goes beyond capturing images to truly capturing the essence of a person. Her portraits are windows into the souls of her subjects, reflecting their emotions, experiences, and inner beauty. If you are looking for a portrait that goes beyond the ordinary, Louise Altson is the artist to choose.