Enertor Premium Runners Gift Set – Product Description

Enertor Premium Runners Gift Set – Product Description

Enertor Premium Runners Gift Set

Are you looking for the perfect gift for runners? Look no further! The Enertor Premium Runners Gift Set is designed with the dynamics of a runner in mind. Whether it’s for running, sport, gym, or HIIT sessions, this gift set has everything a runner needs to enhance their performance.

Shock Absorbing Insoles

The Enertor Premium Runners Gift Set includes PX1 Running Insoles, made from a unique PX1 material technology. These full-length insoles offer outstanding shock absorption, reducing the impact on your feet, knees, and hips. In fact, they provide up to 89% more shock absorption than leading competitors, ensuring maximum comfort and protection during your runs.

Energy Return Socks

Experience the power of Energy Run Socks. These socks are made with Nilit Innergy, a revolutionary fabric that converts the body’s energy into Far Infra Red Rays. This technology increases your anaerobic limit, performance, and endurance. The Energy Run Socks also feature patented NanoGLIDE anti-blister protection and front and rear lip protection against rubbing, ensuring a comfortable and blister-free running experience.

Exercise Bands

Take your workouts to the next level with the high-quality Exercise Resistance Bands included in this gift set. These bands are known for their high elasticity, durability, and strong stretchability. With five different levels of resistance, you can customize your workouts and target specific muscle groups. The set also comes with a portable storage bag and a workout instruction leaflet, making it convenient and easy to use.

Micro-Fibre Neck Tube

Stay warm and protected during your outdoor runs with the Micro-Fibre Neck Tube. This versatile accessory can be worn in multiple ways, providing protection against the cold and wind. Its lightweight and breathable design make it perfect for any weather conditions.

Sustainably Made in Britain

At Enertor, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint. That’s why we manufacture all our insoles, packaging, and other products in the UK. We are proud to be the first company to implement an insole recycling scheme, ensuring that the same amount of insoles we put onto the market is recycled and not sent to landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are the insoles suitable for all types of running shoes?
  • A: Yes, the Enertor PX1 Running Insoles are designed to fit most running shoe sizes and types.
  • Q: Can the resistance bands be used for other exercises?
  • A: Absolutely! The Exercise Resistance Bands are versatile and can be used for a wide range of exercises, including strength training, yoga, and Pilates.
  • Q: How do I wash the Energy Run Socks?
  • A: The Energy Run Socks are machine washable. We recommend washing them in cold water and air drying for best results.


The Enertor Premium Runners Gift Set is the ultimate gift for runners. With its shock-absorbing insoles, energy-return socks, exercise bands, and neck tube, this gift set has everything a runner needs to enhance their performance and stay comfortable during their workouts. Made with high-quality materials and sustainably manufactured in Britain, this gift set is not only a great choice for runners but also for the environment. Give the gift of comfort and performance with the Enertor Premium Runners Gift Set!