Custom Car Sunshades For Toyota HILUX 2019-2023

Custom Car Sunshades For Toyota HILUX 2019-2023

Custom Car Sunshades For Toyota HILUX 2019-2023

Why you need this Car Sun Shade?

It is to allow your vehicle to provide a suitable interior temperature and effectively block sunlight and heat. We brought you sun visors, specially designed to protect your car, truck or SUV from direct sunlight, keeping it cool, cool and comfortable.

Product Description

  • Product name: windshield sun shade
  • Product Size: Full Coverage Windows
  • Product Features1: Block UV rays
  • Product Features2: Privacy Protection
  • Product Features4: Special car customization


  • The car side can protect your privacy. For example, when you are eating, reading or taking a nap, cover the privacy curtain to avoid being seen.
  • Reduce harmful UV rays, reduce sun glare.
  • Easy to install and remove, it can prevent uninvited harmful insects, especially mosquitoes, bees, etc. From flying into cars when the passenger window is opened.


  • Please state your car model, year of manufacture and number of doors before purchasing. Because cars have different configurations, their windshields may also be different.
  • If your model is special and you are not sure whether we can use our products, please contact us and we will advise you as soon as possible.
  • Most models can be installed magnetically, and some models have no iron windows, so they can be installed with buckles, and the effect is the same.
  • If you have any questions about how to use or install, please contact us by email.

Applicable models

This product is a customized product. Please let us know the exact model, year of manufacture and number of doors of your car after placing your order. We will create a product for you that perfectly fits your car.

Strong Protection

Car sun visor can effectively insulate, reduce heat and prevent your child from being scalded or overheated; excellent sun visor performance, creating privacy for seat passengers. It can also effectively prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging car interior accessories. Super durable and easy to use.


This product is made of environmentally friendly materials. Can effectively block UV rays and heat. And no smell.

Easy To Use

The sun visor can be fixed on the window by strong magnets or clips. It doesn’t fall off easily. Installation and disassembly are quick and easy, and can be reused.


Please contact us via E-mail if you have any problems about the products, we will reply within 24 hrs.