BRS Outdoor Kerosene Stove Burners Portable Oil Stove Gas Stove Multi Fuel Stoves Camping Cooking Stove (BRS-8A)

BRS Outdoor Kerosene Stove Burners Portable Oil Stove Gas Stove Multi Fuel Stoves Camping Cooking Stove (BRS-8A)

BRS Outdoor Kerosene Stove Burners Portable Oil Stove Gas Stove Multi Fuel Stoves Camping Cooking Stove (BRS-8A)

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking for a reliable and versatile cooking stove? Look no further! Introducing the BRS-8A Oil/Gas Multi-Function Stove, the perfect companion for all your outdoor cooking adventures.

Key Features

Pressure Relief Valve Design

The new BRS-8A solves the danger of difficulty in opening due to excessive pressure. With its pressure relief valve design, you can now cook with peace of mind, knowing that the stove is safe and easy to use.

Disassembly-Free Storage

Say goodbye to the hassle of disassembling and storing your stove after each use. The BRS-8A comes with a specially designed storage box that allows for disassembly-free storage. The unfolded storage box can even be used as a small table, adding convenience to your outdoor cooking experience.

Nozzle Clogging Prevention

One of the common issues with cooking stoves is nozzle clogging. The BRS-8A tackles this problem with its polymer crystals and copper nozzle oil suction device. This innovative system ensures thorough and effective filtering, preventing nozzle clogging and ensuring a smooth cooking experience.

Portable Storage Box

Traveling with your cooking stove has never been easier. The BRS-8A is equipped with a portable storage box that not only protects your stove but also provides convenient portability. With this portable storage box, you can take your stove anywhere you go, making outdoor cooking a breeze.

What’s Included

  • BRS-8A Oil and Gas Multipurpose Furnace x1
  • Maintenance replacement parts x1 set
  • All aluminum alloy air pump x1
  • Portable storage box x1
  • Extend the trachea x1
  • 530ML oil bottle x1

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this stove be used with different types of fuel?

Yes, the BRS-8A is compatible with various fuels such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, and butane gas. You can choose the fuel that suits your needs and preferences.

2. Is the stove easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, the BRS-8A is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The complimentary maintenance replacement parts set includes everything you need to keep your stove in top condition.

3. How long does the fuel last?

The fuel consumption of the stove depends on various factors such as the type of fuel used and the cooking intensity. However, with its efficient design, the BRS-8A offers excellent fuel efficiency, allowing you to cook for extended periods without worrying about running out of fuel.


In conclusion, the BRS-8A Oil/Gas Multi-Function Stove is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and camping enthusiasts. With its innovative features such as the pressure relief valve, disassembly-free storage, and nozzle clogging prevention system, this stove offers convenience, safety, and reliability. The complimentary maintenance replacement parts set and portable storage box further enhance its value. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the BRS-8A!