Adax Neo Wifi Portable Electric Heater + Timer Modern Smart Convector Radiator 600w Compact (420 x 430 mm) Lava Grey

Adax Neo Wifi Portable Electric Heater + Timer, Modern Smart Convector Radiator, 600w Compact (420 x 430 mm), Lava Grey


The Adax Neo Wifi Compact Portable Electric Heater is a modern and energy-efficient solution for heating your home. With its WiFi connectivity and smart features, it eliminates wasted energy and saves you money. The heater is designed with economical and conductive materials, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. It also features active start and open Window Recognition, further enhancing its energy-saving capabilities. The Adax Neo Wifi is fully Lot 20 compliant, making it one of the most economical and efficient heaters on the market.

Home Smart Zonal Control

The Adax Wifi app allows you to configure a smart Home Heating System with ease. You can control multiple heaters from your mobile device and assign them to follow the same program. Additionally, you can divide your home into different zones or rooms and assign heaters to each zone. This allows for individual rooms to have separate programs designated to them. If you prefer a more simple control method, the heater also has an inbuilt control panel.

24 Hour Timer and Easy Controls

The Adax Wifi app provides you with a 24-hour, 7-day timing program. With a simple stroke of your finger, you can decide on the desired temperature for each hour of the day. The global control offered by the WiFi connectivity ensures that you never have to worry about leaving your electricity on again. This feature makes the heater ideal for log cabins, holiday homes, and standard home use. Additionally, the app can be used as a remote control to adjust the temperature when needed.

Top Quality Wall Mounted Compact Smart Electric Panel Heater

This Adax heater is a top-quality wall-mounted compact smart electric panel heater. It incorporates smart WiFi home automation, allowing you to control it using your smartphone via the app. The heater features a 24-hour/7-day timer and a digital thermostat. It is splash-proof and rated IP24, making it suitable for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Features and Dimensions

The heater offers various features, including convection heating, an LCD temperature display, anti-asthma/allergy properties, an on/off switch, open window recognition, adaptive start, child lock, and overheat protection. It is LOT 20/ErP compliant and has a maximum surface temperature of 75°C. The dimensions of the heater vary based on the power and room size, ranging from 400W to 2500W. The size range includes small/compact, medium/regular, and wide/large/long options. The heater requires a clearance space of 50mm below and 150mm above it and comes with a simple wall-mounting bracket system for easy installation.

Ideal for Various Room Spaces

This Adax heater is ideal for heating various room spaces, including home, office, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, lounge, dining room, conservatory, caravan, hotel, shed, and outbuilding extensions. It is compliant with the 2018 Lot 20 EU Regulations and comes with a 5-year guarantee. Please note that this heater is for horizontal mount only, with the cable exiting to the right. The cable length is 1.2m, and it comes with a UK plug attached.

In conclusion, the Adax Neo Wifi Portable Electric Heater + Timer is a modern and energy-efficient solution for heating your home. With its smart features, WiFi connectivity, and easy controls, it offers convenience and savings. Its compact design and various power options make it suitable for different room sizes and spaces. Invest in this top-quality heater and enjoy a warm and cozy home all year round.